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mardi 23 août 2016

Obama & Clinton Created ISIS April 8, 2013: Codenamed Timber Sycamore Financing Saudi Arabia)


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have created ISIS-DAECH April 8, 2013: codenamed Timber Sycamore (Financing Saudi Arabia)

Haji Bakr
real leader ISIS
Organizer Plan CIA
Timber Sycamore Syria
by Yanick Toutain

Every morning, for five days in a row, the red-brown car dropped off Baghdadi and his deputy, Haji Bakr, at the headquarters of MSM in Kafr Hamra. Before sunset, the same car with the same driver would pick them up from the headquarters and take Baghdadi to a secret location for the night. The next morning, the car would come back to drop off Baghdadi and Bakr.
(Foreign Policy)

...  in a speech made by Baghdadi, shortly before the Kafr Hamra meeting. On April 8, 2013, Baghdadi announced that his organization had expanded into Syria. All jihadi factions there — including Nusra — had to submit to his control. “So we declare while relying on Allah: The cancellation of the name Islamic State of Iraq and the cancellation of the name Jabhat al-Nusra, and gathering them under one name, the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham,” he intoned. " 
(Foreign Policy)
"The detainees say that the Camp Bucca 
had turned into a veritable academy of jihadism "
see below

"Washington should begin by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces."(Email Hillary Clinton a year before April 8, 2013 creating ISIS) 
"The New York Times   revealed in this article that Saudi Arabia has funded to the tune of "several billion" secret CIA war in Syria. Other state contributors to the campaign of the Agency are cited by the newspaper. This is Turkey, Jordan and Qatar. "(Below) 
There was Abu Sayyaf, a jihadi from Belgium, who often talked about beheadings. He once asked his emir, Abu al-Atheer al Absi, if he could slaughter somebody. “I just want to carry a head,” Abu Sayyaf said. Locally he was known as al-thabah, or “the slayer.” ((Foreign Policy))


With the money from Saudi Arabia, came with the massive arming of the USA purchased by Saudi Arabia, with its manual of terror whose chapters appear to have been written in Langley or the University of Nebraska at Omaha ( as the manual Al Qaeda printed by USAID), Haji Bakr fused all terrorist groups in Syria April 8, 2013.
And while Obama called for the overthrow of Assad, the puppet Haji Bakr and the CIA announced the creation of ISIS (ISIS)

Media at the service of the great criminal capitalism in the art of giving the truth in small pieces, making it incomprehensible.
When the Elysee organizes and finances (€ 20m) of the attack jihadist October 9, 2015 against Samorogouan gendarmerie in Burkina Faso, all the evidence is public. But in small pieces.
General Puga, military right arm of Holland launched the jihadists to attack the Mali January 17, 2012 and commissioned the same against Burkina Faso, 3 and a half later. After they paid 20 million euros in October 2013 for the creation of Kidal school "small jihad fighters" that the leader Iyad Ag Ghaly presented to journalist Spiegel
RFI, the World and other media to state terrorism of service set out the facts. But never in the same article.
The telephone recording logisticians Guillaume Soro and Djibril Bassolé is never mentioned in articles about the attack itself.
For creating ISIS, the same technique is used.
The New York Times published a scoop on Timber Sycamore operation.
But never connects this massive armament operation ISIS with the creation of this group by the CIA - Haji Bakr (who was not the right arm of Baghdadi, but in reality, its true leader) .
Similarly, Obama's declarations at the same time are never correlated with the creation of ISIS and armament.
Neither the list of terrorist leaders in the region that Obama met at the exact moment of creation ISIS.


"Every morning, for five days in a row, the red-brown car dropped off Baghdadi and his deputy, Haji Bakr, at the headquarters of MSM in Kafr Hamra. Before sunset, the same car with the same driver would pick them up from the headquarters and take Baghdadi to a secret location for the night. The next morning, the car would come back to drop off Baghdadi and Bakr."
(Foreign Policy The Secret History of the first meeting ISIS by Harald Doornbos and Jenan Moussa 08/19/2016
(...) ....  in a speech made by Baghdadi, shortly before the Kafr Hamra meeting. On April 8, 2013, Baghdadi announced that his organization had expanded into Syria. All jihadi factions there — including Nusra — had to submit to his control. “So we declare while relying on Allah: The cancellation of the name Islamic State of Iraq and the cancellation of the name Jabhat al-Nusra, and gathering them under one name, the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham,” he intoned. " 
(Foreign Policy)

The witness, a former jihadist claiming repented will mention only two times the name of the real head of ISIS.
Or rather, the two journalists who collected 100 hours of questioning seem to have no curiosity about the one whose role is that of a genuine CIA undercover agent.

The article continues by describing the preparatory meetings

"Over the course of those five days, inside the headquarters of MSM, Baghdadi talked extensively to a group of important jihadi leaders in Syria. These were some of the world’s most wanted men, all gathered in one room, sitting on mattresses and pillows on the ground. They were served breakfast and lunch: roasted or grilled chicken and french fries, tea, and soft drinks to wash it down. Baghdadi, the most wanted man in the world, drank either Pepsi or Mirinda, an orange-flavored soda.

In addition to Baghdadi, the participants included Abu al-Atheer, the emir of MSM; Abu Mesaab al-Masri, an Egyptian jihadi commander; Omar al Shishani, a leading Chechen jihadi who had come to Syria from Georgia; Abu al-Waleed al-Libi, a jihadi leader from Libya who had come to Syria; Abed al-Libi, an emir in the Libyan Katibat al-Battar group; two Nusra intelligence chiefs; and Haji Bakr, Baghdadi’s second in command.". (Foreign Policy)

We understand what it is when one combines this information with those published in January 2016 by the New York Times.


WASHINGTON — When President Obama secretly authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013, the spy agency knew it would have a willing partner to help pay for the covert operation. It was the same partner the C.I.A. has relied on for decades for money and discretion in far-off conflicts: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Since then, the C.I.A. and its Saudi counterpart have maintained an unusual arrangement for the rebel-training mission, which the Americans have code-named Timber Sycamore. Under the deal, current and former administration officials said, the Saudis contribute both weapons and large sums of money, and the C.I.A takes the lead in training the rebels on AK-47 assault rifles and tank-destroying missiles.
The support for the Syrian rebels is only the latest chapter in the decadeslong relationship between the spy services of Saudi Arabia and the United States, an alliance that has endured through the Iran-contra scandal, support for the mujahedeen against the Soviets in Afghanistan and proxy fights in Africa. Sometimes, as in Syria, the two countries have worked in concert. In others, Saudi Arabia has simply written checks underwriting American covert activities.
 Timber Sycamore is not only the support for the Syrian rebels but also the creation of ISIS
Unfortunatly the New York Times don't know (or have forgotten) the name of Haki Bakr and his goal ! After he quitted CIA's terrorist Academy in Camp Bucca

An article in the New York Times has just revealed the code name of the multinational secret CIA war in Syria : it is the operation Timber Sycamore , which can mean "Wood Plane" or "sycamore fig tree" . In 1992, researchers Syrian Ibrahim Nahal and Rahme Adib had published a study that, "[w] hile ring width is influenced by environmental factors, wood Plane Oriental can be classified as a species in relatively rapid growth compared to the beech or oak."Rebel groups mostly jihadists , which have proliferated in Syriafrom the summer of 2011 , could be considered" Oriental plane trees "because of their" rapid growth "- without necessarily a link is established between the code name of this clandestine CIA operation and this biological phenomenon. It is also possible that"Sycamore" refers not to the plane but the sycamore fig , the "wood can be used as fuel and the friction of two branches allows to light a fire   . "( Maxime Chaix    On January 24, 2016   )
Essentially, the New York Times revealed in this article that Saudi Arabia has funded to the tune of "several billion" secret CIA war in Syria. Other state contributors to the campaign of the Agency are cited by the newspaper. This is Turkey, Jordan and Qatar. However, although the exact amount of the contributions of each State involved in these operations has not been revealed, the Times tells us that Saudi Arabia has been the main funder. According to this newspaper, "[t] he high states-uniens officials did not disclose the amount of the Saudi contribution, which is by far the largest foreign financing this arms supply program for rebels fighting forces President Bashar al-Assad. However, estimates indicate that the total cost of funding and training efforts [rebel] reached several billion dollars. "( Maxime Chaix    On January 24, 2016   )


Obama naive imagining and Saudis busy overthrow Assad have a blind spot: The goal number 1 of the CIA as the monarchies of the Gulf Bank is to destroy the revolution of Omar Aziz. At no time will the fall of Assad has been a priority to the fundamental mission: kill all the Syrian revolutionaries claiming the legacy of Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg.
We know from the plans of Haki Bakr as ISIS commandos proceeded to the physical elimination of all true revolutionaries

Der Spiegel had access to documents of the real head of ISIS - Haji Bakr
The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State
An Iraqi officer planned Islamic State's takeover in Syria and SPIEGEL has been given exclusive access to his papers. They portray an organization that, while seemingly driven by religious fanaticism, is actually coldly calculating.

The CIA agent died forgetting to have a Koran in his house, he could assume that the resistance would discover a disbeliever acting as second Baghdadi actually was a US agent working to organize the revolution against In the region.
Aloof. Polite. Cajoling. Extremely attentive. Restrained. Dishonest. Inscrutable. Malicious. The rebels from northern Syria, remembering encounters with him months later, recall completely different facets of the man. But they agree on one thing: "We never knew exactly who we were sitting across from."

"(..) Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi was the real name of the Iraqi, whose bony features were softened by a white beard. But no one knew him by that name. Even his best-known pseudonym, Haji Bakr, wasn't widely known. But that was precisely part of the plan. The former colonel in the intelligence service of Saddam Hussein's air defense force had been secretly pulling the strings at IS for years. Former members of the group had repeatedly mentioned him as one of its leading figures. Still, it was never clear what exactly his role was.But when the architect of the Islamic State died, he left something behind that he had intended to keep strictly confidential: the blueprint for this state. It is a folder full of handwritten organizational charts, lists and schedules, which describe how a country can be gradually subjugated. SPIEGEL has gained exclusive access to the 31 pages, some consisting of several pages pasted together. They reveal a multilayered composition and directives for action, some already tested and others newly devised for the anarchical situation in Syria's rebel-held territories. In a sense, the documents are the source code of the most successful terrorist army in recent history.
A fake Muslim ? Acting for the plans of USA ?
Haji Bakr is a CIA agent ! Forgetting his Coran !

For the first time, the Haji Bakr documents now make it possible to reach conclusions on how the IS leadership is organized and what role former officials in the government of ex-dictator Saddam Hussein play in it. Above all, however, they show how the takeover in northern Syria was planned, making the group's later advances into Iraq possible in the first place. In addition, months of research undertaken by SPIEGEL in Syria, as well as other newly discovered records, exclusive to SPIEGEL, show that Haji Bakr's instructions were carried out meticulously.
Bakr's documents were long hidden in a tiny addition to a house in embattled northern Syria. Reports of their existence were first made by an eyewitness who had seen them in Haji Bakr's house shortly after his death. In April 2014, a single page from the file was smuggled to Turkey, where SPIEGEL was able to examine it for the first time. It only became possible to reach Tal Rifaat to evaluate the entire set of handwritten papers in November 2014.
This document is Haji Bakr's sketch for the possible structure of the Islamic State administration. Zoom
This document is Haji Bakr's sketch for the possible structure of the Islamic State administration.
"Our greatest concern was that these plans could fall into the wrong hands and would never have become known," said the man who has been storing Haji Bakr's notes after pulling them out from under a tall stack of boxes and blankets. The man, fearing the IS death squads, wishes to remain anonymous.
The Master Plan
The story of this collection of documents begins at a time when few had yet heard of the "Islamic State." When Iraqi national Haji Bakr traveled to Syria as part of a tiny advance party in late 2012, he had a seemingly absurd plan: IS would capture as much territory as possible in Syria. Then, using Syria as a beachhead, it would invade Iraq.
Bakr took up residence in an inconspicuous house in Tal Rifaat, north of Aleppo. The town was a good choice. In the 1980s, many of its residents had gone to work in the Gulf nations, especially Saudi Arabia. When they returned, some brought along radical convictions and contacts. In 2013, Tal Rifaat would become IS' stronghold in Aleppo Province, with hundreds of fighters stationed there.
It was there that the "Lord of the Shadows," as some called him, sketched out the structure of the Islamic State, all the way down to the local level, compiled lists relating to the gradual infiltration of villages and determined who would oversee whom. Using a ballpoint pen, he drew the chains of command in the security apparatus on stationery. Though presumably a coincidence, the stationery was from the Syrian Defense Ministry and bore the letterhead of the department in charge of accommodations and furniture.
What Bakr put on paper, page by page, with carefully outlined boxes for individual responsibilities, was nothing less than a blueprint for a takeover. It was not a manifesto of faith, but a technically precise plan for an "Islamic Intelligence State" -- a caliphate run by an organization that resembled East Germany's notorious Stasi domestic intelligence agency.
Graphic: A digital rendering of Haji Bakr's Islamic State organigram.Zoom
Graphic: A digital rendering of Haji Bakr's Islamic State organigram.
This blueprint was implemented with astonishing accuracy in the ensuing months. The plan would always begin with the same detail: The group recruited followers under the pretense of opening a Dawah office, an Islamic missionary center. Of those who came to listen to lectures and attend courses on Islamic life, one or two men were selected and instructed to spy on their village and obtain a wide range of information. To that end, Haji Bakr compiled lists such as the following:
  • List the powerful families.
  • Name the powerful individuals in these families.
  • Find out their sources of income.
  • Name names and the sizes of (rebel) brigades in the village.
  • Find out the names of their leaders, who controls the brigades and their political orientation.
  • Find out their illegal activities (according to Sharia law), which could be used to blackmail them if necessary.
The spies were told to note such details as whether someone was a criminal or a homosexual, or was involved in a secret affair, so as to have ammunition for blackmailing later. "We will appoint the smartest ones as Sharia sheiks," Bakr had noted. "We will train them for a while and then dispatch them." As a postscript, he had added that several "brothers" would be selected in each town to marry the daughters of the most influential families, in order to "ensure penetration of these families without their knowledge."
The spies were to find out as much as possible about the target towns: Who lived there, who was in charge, which families were religious, which Islamic school of religious jurisprudence they belonged to, how many mosques there were, who the imam was, how many wives and children he had and how old they were. Other details included what the imam's sermons were like, whether he was more open to the Sufi, or mystical variant of Islam, whether he sided with the opposition or the regime, and what his position was on jihad. Bakr also wanted answers to questions like: Does the imam earn a salary? If so, who pays it? Who appoints him? Finally: How many people in the village are champions of democracy?

The Machiavellian plan of the CIA is that its officers are beginning to put in place in France.
The example of Le Havre that the author lives from within is a version - not even criminal - the same plan.
A plan being realized with the help of ISB, the right and Sarkozy juppéiste and repressive activity of the French state.
A State that leaves Qaradawi militias take control of all the poor neighborhoods.
As the brother of Tariq Ramadan calls for the crucifixion of antifascists - insulted by the nickname "laicards" Belkacem recruits all child molesters teachers to become agents provocateurs, false witnesses, whistleblowers. Assisted by attackers parents militias of their own children to terrorize all anti violence near schools and markets.
Haji Bakr plan with improvements probably given by massive NSA spying on France and piracy of video surveillance putting each under canvas French masters terrorists.
"The agents were supposed to function as seismic signal waves, sent out to track down the tiniest cracks, as well as age-old faults within the deep layers of society -- in short, any information that could be used to divide and subjugate the local population. The informants included former intelligence spies, but also regime opponents who had quarreled with one of the rebel groups. Some were also young men and adolescents who needed money or found the work exciting. Most of the men on Bakr's list of informants, such as those from Tal Rifaat, were in their early twenties, but some were as young as 16 or 17.
The plans also include areas like finance, schools, daycare, the media and transportation. But there is a constantly recurring, core theme, which is meticulously addressed in organizational charts and lists of responsibilities and reporting requirements: surveillance, espionage, murder and kidnapping.
For each provincial council, Bakr had planned for an emir, or commander, to be in charge of murders, abductions, snipers, communication and encryption, as well as an emir to supervise the other emirs -- "in case they don't do their jobs well." The nucleus of this godly state would be the demonic clockwork of a cell and commando structure designed to spread fear.(Source Der Spiegel French stop version info )


The process of infiltration and destruction of the Syrian revolution has accelerated in 2012
From July 2012 through the deep political Prince Bandar, the "sycamores" jihadists in Syria have experienced a "relatively fast growth", with the active support of the CIA and its partners. But Bandar is so close to the agency that can really separate his clandestine actions of those special services uniens-states, at least when he was ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Washington (1983-2005) and director of Saudi intelligence (2012-2014). ( Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )
"While the Obama administration saw the coalition as a seductive argument for Congress, some lawmakers like Senator Ron Wyden - a Democrat from Oregon - asked why the CIA needed the Saudi money to fund this operation, according to a former official statements-unien. Mr. Wyden refused to answer our questions, but his team issued a statement demanding greater transparency:"Senior officials said that the United States is to strengthen the operational capabilities of the military opposition anti- Assad. Yet citizens were not informed about the terms of this policy involving of US agencies, or foreign partners with whom these institutions cooperate. "    Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )


it is the establishment of a business support network known as al-Qaida since the end of the war between the USSR and Afghanistan.Casey set out the details of the plan with the two leaders of Saudi intelligence, as well as the director of the bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the Pakistan-Saudi bank with Kamal Adham and Turki bin Faisal were both shareholders. (Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )


Sentences from the source: the emails criminal Hillary Clinton, founder of Al Qaeda.
US State Department UNCLASSIFIED Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05794498 Date: 30/11/2015

The best way to help Israel deal with Iran's growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.  () The rebellion in Syria has now lasted more than a year. The opposition is not going away, nor is the regime going to accept a diplomatic solution from the outside.()

Here is the mission of ISIS : a territory
Unlike the Libyan opposition forces, the Syrian rebels are not unified and do not hold territory.  
We see in that last sentence hollow emerge the draft ISIS
Unification and territorial control
 But success in Syria would be a transformative event for the Middle East
Unlike in Libya, a successful intervention in Syria would require substantial diplomatic and military leadership from the United States. Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces. 

We can clearly see that four months before the creation of ISIS, sponsors are Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar
The announcement of such a decision would, by itself, likely cause substantial defections from the Syrian military. Then, using territory in Turkey and possibly Jordan, U.S. diplomats and Pentagon officials can start strengthening the opposition. It will take time. But the rebellion is going to go on for a long time, with or without U.S. involvement.
The second step is to develop international support for a coalition air operation.
ISIS funding is provided here. This is Timber Sycamore operation that will perform the Clinton plan.
Arming the Syrian rebels and using western air power to ground Syrian helicopters and airplanes is a low-cost high payoff approach. 
Clinton Obama are telling the truth..... here : creation of ISIS is the victory !!!
All these strategic benefits and the prospect of saving thousands of civilians from murder at the hands of the Assad regime (10,000 have already been killed in this first year of civil war).


And Haji Bakr Baghdadi have been linked in the university of terrorism CIA: Camp Bucca
In 2004, [Baghdadi] is arrested by the Americans for going to a friend sought. The caliph future is then sent to Camp Bucca, where US occupation administration was holding suspects Iraqis. Religious rituals were not prohibited and the future caliph benefited skillfully: he held lectures on religion, organized prayers on Friday and gave advice to the prisoners according to its perception of Islam. © AP PHOTO / FILE The leader of the EI broke his silence to sow terror detainees say that the Camp Bucca had turned into a veritable academy of jihadism. "Train it, impose your ideology and shows him the way forward and that upon his release he became a burning flame": such was the strategy of Islamic theologians within the filtration camp to any newcomer , summarizes one of the former prisoners.

The two agents provocateurs Haji Bakr and Bagdhadi will create ISIS that immediately after receives thousands of weapons financed by Saudi Arabia from the USA.


In October 2015, The New York Times   explained that "[t] he anti-tank TOW missiles of American manufacturing have appeared in the area in 2013, through a clandestine program [CIA] led by the US, Saudi Arabia and other allies. it aims to help insurgent groups "selected" by the Agency to fight the Syrian government. These weapons are delivered on the ground by US allies, but the United States supports their destination. (...) Commanders rebels laughed when questioned them about the delivery of 500 TOW from Saudi Arabia, saying it was a ridiculous number compared to what is actually available. In 2013, Saudi Arabia has ordered [in Washington] over 13 000 [TOW]. "( Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )

(...) Following the outbreak of war in Russia, a former Pentagon adviser confirmed the Washington Post that the use of foreign partners involved the "plausible deniability" which can cover the operations of the CIA Syria: "Manufactured by Raytheon, the missile [TOW] come mainly from the Saudi government stocks, which had bought 13 795 in 2013 (...) Since the sales agreements require that the buyer informs the United States of destination final approval [Washington] is implied, depending Shahbandar, a former Pentagon adviser. According to him, no decision is required on the part of the Obama administration that the program can continue."There is no need for an American green light. An amber light is enough. " "This is a [program] illegal and can technically be denied, but it is the nature of proxy wars." "Thus, the doctrine of" plausible deniability "which involves third parties on which can blame seems to explain why the role of the CIA and its Western allies in the secret war is [at that point] suppressed, distorted or minimized. "( Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )


Part of the administration in the US is trying to curb the organization of these criminal activities. But never take the steps up to the cynicism of Bush and Clinton.
in August 2015 , the former director of Military Intelligence in the Pentagon (DIA) Michael Flynn denounced on Al-Jazeera the staggering irrationality of the White House on the Syrian issue. On this occasion, he revealed that officials of the Obama administration had taken the "deliberate decision" to "do what they do in Syria"; in other words, they would have chosen to support the anti-Assad militias that the DIA described in 2012 as infiltrated and dominated by jihadi forces. Starting this year, Flynn and his agency informed the White House of the danger of creating an "Islamic state" between Iraq and Syria due to Western support, Turkish and pétromonarchique this rebellion. ( Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )


Why the United States-they are thinking now to arm the Syrian rebels?

  • By 
  • Update 
    The Defence Secretary has for the first time Thursday. While Washington considers it "the least bad solution" to end the crisis in Syria. The decision has not been taken seriously but we think of it in the US. For the first time the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel , acknowledged Thursday that the United States no longer differed opportunity to provide weapons to the Syrian opposition , which is seeking for two years to overthrow Assad . But Hagel the made lip, aware that this is probably "the least bad solution." Barack Obama is under pressure to not remain passive in the bloody repression of the Assad regime. Especially since its intelligence services have acquired a near certainty that he used to "small quantities" of chemical weapons against its opponents. But on this issue, the US administration - tried by the Iraqi precedent - remains extremely cautious, calling for additional evidence will struggle to acquire, for lack of a minimum of cooperation from the Syrian regime that stubbornly refuses access to UN investigators. Unless clear evidence of such use of chemical weapons, it is not clear the US military intervention on Syrian soil. Similarly, the United States do not favor the establishment of a no-fly zone which finally provide a sanctuary to the rebels. The establishment of such a zone first requires the "neutralization" of Syrian anti-aircraft defense systems. But Washington is not ready today to engage in such strikes destruction of Syrian radars. The urgent need to rebalance the forces on the ground report Remains the option of arming the rebels. The CIA and the Pentagon were already favorable to the fall, but Obama was then vetoed.Since then, not Islamist rebels have lost ground to jihadists that the United States registered on the list of terrorist organizations. And to make matters worse, the Syrian army tends to not go back, even recovering some positions in the region of Idleb and near Homs. It is therefore urgent to rebalance the ratio of forces on the ground.


    Until now, the CIA oversaw some arms shipments to the rebels including via Jordan, and the United States also provided non-lethal items opponents of Assad. A future supply of anti-aircraft or anti-tank missiles Americans could be coordinated with Britain and France, also favorable to arm the rebels.
    We see that Holland could also be prosecuted for complicity in creating ISIS.
    But in Washington, as in Paris , there are voices to warn against such a decision. Before Congress, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, recently was skeptical on supplies of arms to opponents of Assad. Like many French soldiers, Americans believe it is impossible to guarantee that such weapons would not end up among the "wrong hands", that is to say, the radical Islamists who swear to keep fighting to the fall of Assad to establish a caliphate in Syria and the Levant. But faced with a regime that can count on the support of Russia and Iran, time is for action. Or appear to act.


    Even a criminal is shocked ISIS member of the mentally ill from Belgium:

    "Secondly, while some of the foreign fighters were men who led truly religious lives in Europe, he discovered another group that he took to thinking of as the “crazies.” These were mostly young Belgian and Dutch criminals of Moroccan descent, unemployed and from broken homes, who lived marginal lives in marginal suburbs of marginal cities. Most of these crazies had no idea about religion, and hardly any of them ever read the Quran. To them, fighting in Syria was either an adventure or a way to repent for their “sinful lives” in Europe’s bars and discos.
    There was Abu Sayyaf, a jihadi from Belgium, who often talked about beheadings. He once asked his emir, Abu al-Atheer al Absi, if he could slaughter somebody. “I just want to carry a head,” Abu Sayyaf said. Locally he was known as al-thabah, or “the slayer.” "
    (Foreign Policy)

    When voices dare to oppose the terrorists who run the USA, but they do not expose the extent of the conspiracy against revolutionary.

    Tulsi Gabbard was protesting NOT ACKNOWLEDGE

    As had courageously denounced the state-unienne RepresentativeTulsi Gabbard three weeks before the attacks of 13-November, "US arms are in the hands of our enemies, al Qaeda and other such groups, extremist Islamic groups who are our sworn enemies. They are groups who attacked us on September 11, and we were supposed to try to overcome, yet we support them with weapons to overthrow the Syrian government. (...) I do not want the US government to provide weapons to al-Qaeda, extremist Islamists, to our enemies. I think it's a very simple concept:. You can not defeat your enemies if, at the same time you arm them and you help That makes absolutely no sense to me "( Maxime Chaix   On January 24, 2016 )

    This is not senseless as long as capitalism exists in the USA: capitalism and terrorists are one and the same room.
    The "red hand" French intelligence was just another name murderers.


    In this complex terrain is added the traditional procedure of the Agency, which is the "plausible deniability" aimed to clear the US government of any criminal action by resorting to private agents and / or foreign. ( Maxime Chaix   • On January 24, 2016 )

    The CCIF triggering controversy Burkini to forget the crimes of Nice, Rouen, Paris it's part of the same plan.
    The CCIF bought $ 50,000 by Soros
    We learn this week that the LDH Ligue des Droits de l'Homme ( League of Human Rights) was purchased by the same billionaire for $ 66,000
    This is part of the same plan of the CIA.
    Ditto for Besancenot and the NPA infiltrated by the provocateur John Mullen rotting LCR in coordination with Islamofascism Tariq Ramadan.
    The PCF infiltrated by the brother of one organizing the sabotage of Nuit Debout Le Havre transformed into Salafi rally calling for jihad.
    Naturally, this is not the author of "crucify the laïcards" Medina Zaouiche who is convicted of "undermining the French republic."
    It is the revolutionary pro Sankara anti fascist anti Islamofascism for 15 years - Julie Amadis.
    The French state smoldering fascists, incubates the terrorists group Qaradawi same drtoit for municipal halls in the same city: spokesman Juppe is one of the great servants of terrorists.
    Normal, a Young Leader invited to Bilderbeg must help his colleagues also in the service of the CIA - and especially the worst jihadist terrorists psychopaths.

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