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vendredi 8 novembre 2013

#OurHero Remy Garnier defamed by thug socialofascist PS MP Alain Claeys Reporter of the Committee Cahuzac

Rémy Garnier, at home in
France Lot-et-Garonne. 
© FA


Our hero Remy Garnier defamed by thug socialofascist PS MP Alain Claeys Reporter of the Committee Cahuzac
Rémy Garnier is our hero. As our hero Assange, as our hero Snowden, as our hero Manning .... etc. 
They are - in the brain of the thugs- those by whom the offense cometh.
Our heroes are those who shine a spotlight on the truth.
The work of the tax inspector Remy Garnier has unmasked Cahuzac -the offender.
But it also helped expose the complicity of all elected socialofascistes.
These thugs did not accept the truth.
It was therefore necessary for them to use slander against the upright tax inspector Rémy Garnier. 

The tax inspector Rémy Garnier seeks review of Cahuzac investigation report

2013 |  PAR FABRICE ARFI  Whoever threw the warning in 2008 about the existence of a Swiss account of Jerome Cahuzac officially seeking a review of the report of the parliamentary commission of inquiry. He denounces passages "false" and "defamatory" against him. "If I've made mistakes, I am quite ready to admit," says the rapporteur of the Committee [Socialist MP Alain Claeys].].

A reader (of Médiapart) commented, speaking of "contempt of class" on the term abject "skinned alive" the thug socialofascist Alain Claes just used again against our hero Garnier.

You are right but it is the alliance between the bourgeoisie and high formoisie . These socialofascists impose dictatorships to Africans , they support ENNAHDA AND Ettakatol in Tunisia, they offered Kidal to the murderers of MNLA .They are guilty of killing Sekou Traore and 82 Malian soldiers on 24/1 / 2012.The same Socialist Party has awarded 20 million to the criminal chief of Ansardine Iyad Ag Ghali .They gave him impunity on his crimes.They offered him protection since 2012 .Housed by their friend Blaise Compaore at the beginning of the invasion of Mali.Into a luxury hotel . Then in a luxuous villa. Meanwhile our hero # ourheros Remy Garnier undergoing sputum from the parliamentary thugs.These lies prove that all these members are an association of criminals who will answer for their crimes before OUR REVOLUTIONARY JUDGES  .Starting with the daily death of nearly 8,000 African babies for  the profit of Bollore .False public documents ?Thug judges make themselves even in the Court of Appeal of Bordeaux; they've invented "privacy" concerning the reputation of a marbouze and false confessions from protestations of innocence .All these crimes have an answer:FRENCH REVOLUTION TO OVERTHROW CAPITALISM AND PUPPETS THUGS .SOON . CHOOSE YOUR BASIS DELEGATE.ONE FOR 25 . 

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