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jeudi 10 novembre 2016

"The hope that he is murdered before his inauguration" Call to murder Trump on French state radio by a columnist of France Inter (Pablo Mira) supporter of Hillary Clinton

by Yanick Toutain

Trump it is the candidate who restores
 the hope to the Americans,
the hope that he is murdered
 before his inauguration
Pablo Mira France Inter 22:31 - 9 nov. 2016

The terrorist conspiracy consists in favoring the burkislam ribafascists members of the UOIF (camouflage of the terrorist groups of the NATO in France).
It consists in helping in the making of neo-Nazis who claim to fight the precedents
 .... while supporting pdt Hollande which finances and commissions the Jihadists of Mali.
But the terrorist plot also consists in making a third fascism - a fascism of State. This plot consists in transforming the State into one 3° fascist group.
It is its 3 ° group, (its broadcasting agency France Inter) that completes the security laws of #HollandeCoupdEtat by calls in targeted murders.
Funny calls to begin.
As that of the Pablo Mira on France Inter.
But we know that the humor often serves to conceal the hatred.
The hatred of the capitalists for those who take place across their road when they are occupied with making those 3 fascisms: fascism BurkIslam, racist neo-Nazi fascism and fascism of State ( Patriot Act and #HollandecoupDEtat).

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