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samedi 4 octobre 2014

Umbrella Revolution (Hold up Your Umbrella) Music: Pan Lyrics: Lam Chik the song of the protesters in #HK

presentation by Yanick Toutain

Here is the english translation of the song of the #UMBRELLAREVOLUTION
I'm working for the french lyrics
What Joshua Wong and fellow Occupy Central called democracy is not the electoral farce we know in France, the USA, and in the slave countries. The Chinese of Hong Kong and from all over China aspire to humanocracy. We aspire too. This is a great reason to defend the revolution "umbrellas" against "capitalist Stalinist-Beijing" and "gangsteroisie Triad"
These were the aggressors yesterday of young students


special thanks to 葉德嫻
To this night, or to countless nights, to the selfless contributors who stood bare in the rain except for their umbrellas, to all those who have contributed to the life of our city, to those young people who are willing to sacrifice their futures, to all those who make Hong Kong more beautiful. You are not alone.

Music: Pan
Lyrics: Lam Chik

Hold up Your Umbrella

Sittin’ in this sea of people,
it’s not that we’re unafraid,
Afraid of what’ll happen
if we carry on like this
But to live until this night
I’m more afraid my cry will be unheard
Standing at the front, courage can’t be dispersed
For fear will only diminish life
Who is willing to see through the absurd?
And who – through the smoke of tears –
 is willing to keep her eyes open?
Together, let’s let’s hold up our umbrellas
Together, we may be uneasy,
but we cannot be alone, right?
Hold up our umbrellas,
hold up our hands, holding on
Together, we’ll be brave, fight for what’s ours, right?
Let the brutal rain fall, our spirit has not flailed
Each umbrella is bloom, a flower
It doesn’t wilt, it doesn’t disperse
And for tomorrow, remember tonight
We calmly face our worries
For if you miss tonight
You may never have the chance to freely cry out again




靜坐人海 你我非不怕會畏懼這樣下去怎辦但是人生 到了這一晚更怕未表白內心呼喊

站在前方 勇氣驅不散卻信越怕命運更黯淡但是誰想 要看穿荒誕卻會在催淚下睜開眼 一起舉傘 一起的撐一起儘管不安卻不孤單 對嗎一起舉傘 舉起手撐一起為應得的放膽爭取 怕嗎任暴雨下 志向未倒下雨傘是一朵朵的花不枯也不散

為著明天 要記得今晚你我用鎮定面對憂患若是人生 錯過這一晚 怕再沒機會任意呼喊

To Hong Kong, Love from us

Pan 林夕 黃耀明 何韻詩 馮翰銘 謝安琪 周國賢 盧凱彤 方皓玟 黃靖 黃馨 6號 阿偉 泥鯭 Yellow 雞蛋蒸 肉餅 Tim Luiyukilovey 苦榮 何丙 何山Yamanyamo Goro Frankie Kamkin

Occupy Central 和平佔中


OCLP is a nonviolent direct action movement that demands a fully democratic government in Hong Kong. Media enquiries: media.oclp at gmail dot com 希望在於人民,改變始於抗爭。
 Hong Kong

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