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vendredi 11 décembre 2015

Obama & USA must pay to Africa 1400 billion$ unpaid carbon tax as Carbon Ration Tickets (CRT COP21 Carbon Tax)

by Yanick Toutain

Abstract : Obama & USA must pay to Africa 1400 billion$ unpaid carbon tax as Carbon Ration Tickets

I campaign since 2007 for a REAL carbon tax
A carbon tax WITH Carbon Ration Tickets
This text is a fraud !
The legislation, the Climate Protection and Justice Act (pdf), would cut total emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050; institute a carbon tax, the proceeds of which would go to the bottom 80% of households making less than $100,000/year; and establish a Climate Justice Resiliency Council that would provide grants to areas "disproportionately affected by climate impacts or other hazards that lead to negative public health effects, exposure, or environmental degradation."
US citizens emitting less than 1.8 kilograms of carbon per day are a tiny minority.
All others will "buy" CRT (Carbon Ration Tickets) to inhabitants of Non polluting countries.
It is thus a total of 1.4 trillion dollars that Obama has to pay for 2014 to the rest of the Earth.
XX proposals are a vast fraud: Each Terran has an equal right to store carbon in the ocean.
And COP21 meeting is a group of gangsters trying to hypnotize their victims by the technique of the Walt Disney's Kaa the snake.
In reality it will be the extractors of oil, coal and gas will buy (to Africans and Indians) the RIGHTS to extract.
They will buy their #CarbonRationTickets to get the right to extract oil from the ground, (coal and gas).
The carbon tax will be included in the price of these minerals emitting carbon at the end of circuit.
OBAMA & USA must paid 1400 billion$ to Africa

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