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samedi 7 mai 2016

Dockers, dockworkers ! Refuse the ships of Panama ! Refuse the ships of slavery Bolloré Cameroon !

you have to designate revocable delegates to form a revolutionary city committee
We'll close the banks in Le Havre
We'll throw Bolloré in prison.
We'll send Bolloré to Africa !
Refuse the ships of Cameroon!
Refuse the slavery boats of Cameroon.
It's the blood of Africans arriving in Le Havre.
It's the blood of Africans paid 50 euros per month.
Stop slavery.
(Dockers of Le Havre)
Refuse the ships of Panama
Refuse the ships of Cameroon
Let off the ships of Panama and Cameroon !
And then the whole world will know that Le Havre dockworkers are against rotten bankers
Then, the whole world will know that the dockers of Le Havre are against slavery Bolloré that pays 50 euros in Africa.
Because of Bolloré, 3 million children dying each year.
Because of Bolloré, 100 million children died in 25 years in Africa.
Slavery in Africa is Bolloré.
Bolloré is a junk that, throughout his life, had time to do more deaths than Hitler.
Bolloré acquired Canal Plus with its African profits.


activist speaking Yanick Toutain
video Julie Amadis

We two are pro #Sankara revolutionaries pro CDR
We want a world GOvt of revocable delegates choosen in groups of 25 persons
Basis delegates 1 for 25
Council delegates 1 for 625
Deputies delegates 1 for 15625
National delegates 1 for 400,000
International delegates 1 for 10M
World delegates 1 for 250M

We two have been condamned by french judges
2012 09  TGI Angoulême
2013 02 Court of Appeal Bordeaux
2013 07 Court of Appeal Bordeaux
2013 09 Le Havre
2014 TGI Le Havre
2015 Court of appeal Rouen

The complainant is Jean-Marie Bourry, a terrorist barbouze chief UNOCI cops sent by Sarkozy and Obama in Africa to help the terrorist Guillaume Soro to overthrew President Gbagbo in Ivory Coast
From 31,000€ the condemnation in 2012 increased to 35,000€ in 2015 with perjuries, false evidence and forgery committed by rogue judges.
Absolute OMERTA from french medias

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