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dimanche 25 août 2013

Tunisia: slavery imperialism who wear and teared his Ettakatolists puppets must now send the 2nd wave of Tunisian quislings on the front!


an article by Yanick Toutain

To understand the situation in Tunisia in 2013, it is necessary to see additional classes that Marx did not see. It is necessary to understand the role played by formoisie and proto-formoisie comprador Tunisian.
The Tunisian formois consuming more than the world average GDP. And Tunisian proto-formois comprador consuming more than 250 euros per month, more than the average Tunisian GDP.
It should also incorporate the demise of the strata of Parasites and Repeatings.
We see begin to assert themselves more in the revolisations in North of Africa and Turkey the stratum of Innovatings. It is intended to take the leadership of all mankind.
The first grid is the neomarxism. And the second - the postmarxism - is a dialectical transcendence of the first.

Mustapha Ben Jafar
مصطفى بن جعفر
President of the Constituent Assembly

Walid SFAR just wrote (March 8, 2013)
"Mustapha Ben Jaafar, the figurehead of late " Ettakatol "(...) gave legitimacy to the political scene in a fundamentalist party, bloodthirsty fascist. He closed his eyes, he president of the supreme authority Tunisia after the elections, on violations of civil republican system and he told all those who want to hear that he is the guarantor. "
Ettakatol is indeed one of the hinges between the three agencies of imperialism slavery.

The Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties (Arabicالتكتل الديمقراطي من أجل العمل والحريات‎at-Takattul ad-Dīmuqrāṭī min ajl il-‘Amal wal-Ḥurriyyāt ; FrenchEttakatol – Forum démocratique pour le travail et les libertés), also referred to as Ettakatol or by its French acronym FDTL, is a social democratic political party in Tunisia. It was founded on 9 April 1994 and officially recognized on 25 October 2002. Its founder and Secretary-General is the radiologist Mustapha Ben Jafar.[7] wikipedia

The semi-slavery* executioners (France and elsewhere) that refuse to pay the  # SMICenAfrique for Tunisians since the alleged independence have indeed three main agencies.
The comprador militaries, the electoralists and the islamofascists.

After the fall of their comprador pseudo-State by the beginning of the INTERNAL FRACTURE in their comprador ARMY - the fall of Ben Ali on January 14, 2011 - slavery Franceàfricains  hurried to ask Al Thani that he finances the election victory Ennahda in Tunisia (and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt)
The pretext was to "protect" these countries from the Saudi Salafism
The truth was to maintain oppression and spoliation of the Tunisian people.
But a big part of electoralists went too far compromising themselves with Islamofascists.
We now see the last two months, the same felony in progress: formois electoralists of the UGTT have come to turn to NEGOTIATE with bigots LIARS.

Ennahda: Bigots and liars!

Indeed, the business of these bigots - Islam - should turn them into ENEMIES OF CAPITALISM - as enemies of the RIBA.
But in the same way that the Muslim Brotherhood were invited to the USA by the U.S. president, the same way that Al Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had become mercenary of the Nazi capitalist State, serving Hitler.... in the same how Ennahada became the FIRST GUARD INTERESTS OF SLAVERY of Tunisia.


Only the 2nd TUNISIA REVOLUTION 2013 shows wear Ben Jaafar and Ettakatolistes ..... They need to wear others to PREVENT THE PEOPLE to take power.

So then the electoralists (absent or present in Bardo) are now busy doing the DIRTY WORK
They take advantage of what the educated formoisie and what the educated proto- formoisie comprador still does decide to call the people to form groups of 25 and to choose delegates to build a government composed of revocable national  delegates.
Yet there is no other solution!

Yanick Toutain

READ : Super-BenJaafar l’Entremetteuse de la Révolution : Walid SFAR


Slavery: a gap of 1 to 20 between the minimum wage and salaries of France to Kienké SOCAPALM Bolloré in Cameroon in 2008 allows the characterization of SLAVES for these workers.
GDP of € 250 (500 dinars) in Tunisia can be considered as the hinge (1-4 would be the level separating the semi-slave status of slave status)
Note that the slave in 1850 in the U.S. could have a consumption 50% lower of the consumption of a laborer in New York.

The Bolloré slave receives a salary paid by the barbarian LESS THAN 5% of the minimum wage in France. And trade unionists of SOCAPALM ..... death threats when they claim a few more euros PER MONTH!

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