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mardi 27 août 2013

Why the swindlers of CERN are fascist censors unable to debate with Newton's partisans

an article by Yanick Toutain

The whole pseudo-conceptual edifice known as the "special relativity" and manufactured by swindlers Poincaré-Einstein-Mach-Lorentz and C ° is a result of wishful thinking aiming to deny the objectivity of reality. They threw overboard the foundation of the science of Newton. Never admit it.
With the project to maintain secrecy on this scam, it is necessary for teachers around the world to remain silent on  the extraordinary book written by the young Newton at the age of 23 years: De Gravitatione.
In this book, the concept of "places" swept all further claims  of Descartes's (public or secret) supporters.

The terms quantityduration, and space are too well known to be susceptible of definition by other words.
Def. 1. Place is a part of space which something fills evenly.
Def. 2. Body is that which fills place.
Def. 3. Rest is remaining in the same place.
Def. 4. Motion is change of place. 
Every body moving from one place to another objective place, it found a totally materialistic gnoseology.
{NB Gnoseology is a part of philosophy. Its object is to determine WHAT we can know. And Iuse the concept of epistemology only to describe the History of a discovery}
:The knowledge of the relative displacements (form a relative location to another relative location) was subject to a translation without observer necessary.
From this point of view, Isaac Newton was indeed the conceptual father of Lenin in his "Materialism and empiriocriticism".
Relativistic crooks are censoring  - de facto - this Newron's book : If the students became aware before they being affected by consumerist pathology, before they have turned into morons eager of diplomas, eager of money and of proto-bourgeois comfort and deceit will crumble to itself: Students will retain the first four theses of the De Gravitatione as the basis of their knowledge.

Nevermore these students will accept to consider inertia as anything other than a straight movement in the empty space.
Nevermore these students will believe this nonsense "absolute temperature" based on (mean square) of relative pseudo-velocities.
Nevermore these students will not take seriously these morons who write books and teach in advancing the idea that we can consider that the Sun revolves around the Earth or that the Earth revolves around the Moon.
Nevermore these studeJnts will accept "free choice of reference": a stupidity masking hypocritically that Einstein is intellectually remained on at the pseudo "knowledge" of Ptolemy!

The worst thing is that the BASE of the PRINCIPIA - the Scholia - all these scammers are able to ignore the fact that it absolutely contradicts the entire claimed "knowledge" that they will distill their hapless victims!

The world revolution will make a great household!


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