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vendredi 9 mai 2014

I campaign for a scientific revolution. (Isaac Newton, Democritos, Puthagoras, Engels, Lenin, gnoseology & materiology)

I have campaigned since 1999 for a scientific revolution. I campaigned for a return to the true theses of Puthagoras, of Isaac Newton, of Democritos. I fight for the gnoséology of Lenin and Engels (known under the name of "epistemology"). I campaign for the dialectical materialism as materiology, ie description of the same rules in the immaterial, in the living and in human social activities. Rules inherent to the material since the Big Bang (or before).

I campaign for totally free access to the immaterial and therefore for the ABSOLUTELY FREE access to all the knowledge.

In french "épistémologie" means the way to discover the concepts.
I translate it by "the paths of discovery"
In french langage "gnoseologie" means the study of what can be known. I translate it by the word "gnoseology"

 The materiology relates to the discovery of the laws governing well as physics, biology and humanology.


 Laws are grouped into two conceptual areas: philosophy and science.
Philosophy is the conceptual field that studies the laws common to all three sciences.
It includes epistemology and materiology.
Gnoseology's field study of what can be known.
With the exception of general laws in the field of materiology.

The materiology relates to the discovery of the laws governing well as physics, biology and humanology.

Je milite depuis1999 pour une révolution scientifique. Je milite pour un retour aux véritables thèses de Puthagoras, de Isaac Newton, de Democritos. Je milite pour la gnoséologie de Lénine et de Engels. Pour le matérialisme dialectique en tant que matériologie, c'est à dire description des règles présentes dans l'immatériel, dans le vivant et dans les activités sociales humaines. Des règles inhérentes à la matière et datant du Big Bang (ou avant).
Je milite pour la gratuité totale de l'immatériel et donc pour le NON-PAIEMENT de l'accès au savoir.

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