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mercredi 4 septembre 2013

BLOGYT EN 01 lawn 2013 09 03

lawn St Roch 09/03/2013

I'll do a blog.
(I noticed at the time that "Google translate French to English " translated it as "I'll do a blog." So I see that "blog" is in English the meaning of "article on what the French call a blog" )

In the sense that I saw Mark Zuckerger use in the movie Social Network.
I'm sitting on the lawn of a public square.
When I sat down, I immediately had the idea of an article.
But I had planned to write something else: listening to the clip Dejà seen on YouTube Neil Young, I was thinking of doing an article on the war of Obama and Holland against Syria (I scored well against Syria and not against Assad: This war is planned as a war against the revolution Omar Aziz, against the Syrian revolution)

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