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jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Suicide : The U.S. imperialist slavoisie kills 18 soldiers dead by veterans psychologically day of the crimes they have committed in the service of the banksters (Every activist must read Will Argunas's cartoon "Uriel, Samuel & Andrew")

by Yanick Toutain

 Each 1 dead in combat followed by 25 suicides

  "“I have now come to the conclusion that suicide is an absolutely selfish act… I am personally fed up with soldiers who are choosing to take their own lives so that others can clean up their mess. Be an adult, act like an adult, and deal with your real-life problems like the rest of us.”
. "
 US Army Maj. General Dana Pittard spoke for a layer of the ruling class when he stated in January 2012:  source WSWS
More deaths by suicide than in combat committed by the invading troops and military occupation.
"In the United States, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 18 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan commit suicide each day, which far exceeds the number of deaths on the ground (information on the 4 ° cover of the comic Uriel, Samuel & Andrew by Will Argunas)
"As Nick Kristat of the New York Times recently pointed out, veteran suicide statistics show that for every soldier who dies in combat, 25 more kill themselves.." (WSWS source below)

This is the story of 3 idiots - Uriel, Samuel & Andrew who went commit crimes in Iraq to please a retarded mental and alcoholic psychopath named George Bush - incidentally entitled " U.S. President " by a clique of old senile , slavery and cheaters.
This is the story of 3 idiots - Uriel , Samuel & Andrew which remained just as idiots - they left the U.S. - all the time where they remained murder Iraqis to please George Bush.
3 idiots parties punish Saddam Hussein for crimes committed by the Saudi friends of the CIA and Egyptian puppets.
Punish Iraq for crimes committed by puppets Charlie Wilson. Puppets who have no connection with Iraq !
This is the story of 3 idiots - U.S. A- 39 morons who return from Iraq alive . All except one.
This is the story of 3 idiots insane - Uriel , Samuel & Andrew returning the U.S. and seeking to reintegrate. Without trying to detaching the American society of the fascist grip of the criminal esclavoisie .
And it will end badly !
For three !
All died at the end of the album.
Internally or externally !
As George Bush is already dead !
As already dead Assad , Obama, Putin, Sarkozy , Hollande , Valls , Fabius Canfin and Le Drian .
Not physically .... inside !
All are deshums !
As the three heroes of the film .. Book .... the wonderful comic Will Argunas .

This album, you'd swear it was written by a U.S. veteran or at least an anti -war Chicago or deep soil U.S. activist morons .
Will a nickname Argunas hiding a leading OWS ? an anti- militarists Occupy Wall Street worst ?
Nay . Will Argunas the signature is almost an anagram of a French author whose identity is revealed by Arnaud Guillois PHILIPPE Humble Comics Records store manager , merchant advice and issuer of orders certified wellness
The more we advance in the album and it feels like a new documentary by Michael Moore ...
At a detail - almost sinister - .... cretinism three fools alienated by the imperialism of slavoisie is such that they do not even think to turn their anger toward their tormentors .
Not an ounce of anger of the mother - patriot - the dead soldier is seen in the film by Michael Moore
Their tormentors are those that made them the bourrreaux the Iraqi people.
Their consumerist pathology is embedded so deeply that their alienation étasunisiens morons .
Will Argunas as a writer is a U.S. moron. Artistic double French Arnaud Guillois . No doubt it will make us enjoy other artistic dispositions .

Suggest her the asshole of the DGSE ATT helping to coordinate the attack against MNLA and Ansar Eddine northeastern Mali . Then forced to coordinate the invasion of Holland Mali in relation to the attack against the same group of assassins MNLA 82 Malian soldiers Aguel Hoc January 24, 2012.
I spit in advance!


Suicide crisis mounts for US soldiers and veterans

By Jack Hood 
16 July 2012

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