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mardi 10 septembre 2013

You're the Lafayette of my freedom of speech (After OccupyDallas, OccupyPhilly gives the title and the link to the censored article on Jean-Marie Bourry the criminal fascist Klaus Barbie of Ivory Coast)

English translation of an article on my new local blog. I thanks Dallas and Philadelphia's activists. They act as if they have heard my old song "Will You Help Us"
Yanick Toutain

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Après Dallas, Philadelphie, les Lafayette de ma liberté d'expression (after Dallas, Philly, you're the Lafayette of my freedom of speech)

This morning surprise! publication mentions one of my links
I click and ... surprise!

# OccupyPhilly

Which of my links were they published?
And there! surprise!
Révolisation News (# RevActu): Jean-Marie Bourry: fascist criminal UNOCI in Côte d'Ivoire. Protects harki-coup, defends the fascist IMF Ouattara. Guilty of genocide against African health. He will be tried with Chirac, Sarkozy, Bouygues, Bolloré in Nuremberg Africa! Shared byYanick Toutain
Philadelphia activists do what potted Havre's activists are not able to do: defend my freedom of speech.
They published the FORBIDDEN TEXT!
They published the text "justice" thug France censored!
The text that Google refuses to erase despite requests fascist Changeur lawyer, Bourry and Co!
The text that the Court Of Appeal of Bordeaux and judges Miori, Ors after Bougon & Janas  decreed that he was the PRIVACY of Klaus Barbie UNOCI Côte d'Ivoire - Jean-Marie Bourry.


It must be on the other side of the Atlantic a media gives me support.
We do not usually see that in Le Havre!
The last (pseudo) revolutionary "anti-capitalist" I met - Vincent Ales - NPA activist explained to me that I had "caused" Julie Amadis to mischief. So it was me GUILTY! The fascists stole PAY July of an activist, no support from the unions. And so .... it's MY fault!
Vincent Ales "forgot" the fascists Bourry and co have INVENTED she co-wrote the article and they would INVENTED my official address in her home .....
When you want to kill your dog you accused the dog of trampling the flowerbeds!
What must be understood is that when activist says something about YOU .... is that it makes CAMPAIGN for or against you!
If you face criticism ..... it prooves HE LEADS CAMPAIGN AGAINST YOU!
This one is campaigning to justify their passivity .... for over a year and a half!

He continued his smear campaign by explaining

"You should never have to write his name on the internet"

He spoke of the fascist Bourry!
I asked him if his comrades of the LCR had the right to write about Pinochet to Chile!
Or whether or not they had the RIGHT to write the name of fascist puschiste Ouattara ...
He replied that he was campaigning for the withdrawal of troops .... continuing his sentence ..... (He knows that it's been 15 years that I blame him specifically NOT to campaign FRENCH TROOPS OUT OF AFRICA) ..... by confused about .... suggesting that they DO NOT SAY THE NAMES ...


The NPA claims to be fighting for DEGAGE THE FRENCH ARMY OUT OF AFRICA ..... but did not say NEVER (?) the names of officers of FASCIST OCCUPATION TROOPS!
As if, during the Vietnam War, the Trotskyists of the SWP were not allowed to give the name of U.S. GENERAL .... GUILTY of ASSAULT in VIETNAM ....
When I reminded him that Jean-Marie Bourry was Klaus Barbie Ivory Coast .... he had no more argument!
Fortunately, activists around the world BREAK THE OMERTA FRANCEàFRIC!
The AFP news agency claims to be the truth when she RESPECTS THE ABSOLUTE OMERTA about the PLOT BOURRY on the lies of a prosecutor, two police officers, a bailiff, and four rogue judges who despise the legality!
They end up in jail ALL!
For now, it is OUT OF FRANCE the truth manages to make their way!

MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013

in Le Havre, the UNEF president Mamadou Ba had distributed the leaflet at the University of support for us.
Naturally, he agreed to write and publish a motion of the local chapter of the UNEF ...
He said ourselves that this would result to republish the same motion of support by UNEF ALL SECTIONS OF FRANCE!
How naive was this union activist ..... It is true that he had campaigned for the PS and Holland, it is true that he had to join the Communist Party ...
What naive .... Nice but naive!

 THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNEF Mamadou BA "don't support them"

He told me he had received a phone call from Erwan Lehoux - former president of the local UNEF. The former PS passed to PCF has STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO SUPPORT us.
As for the 3rd main member, Christine Letouzé, she informed us that she had not been informed either by Mamadou Ba or Erwan Lehoux  ... But, of course, she supported us, and she would vote the motion supporting us.
It has since disappeared! Strangely!


This scandal, "naturally", was censored on Médiapart when I mentionnai in a debate about the true nature of the Left Front and the real political line Franceàfric this protective advantage of French interests in Africa slavoisie.
I put it in the comments section .... It was displayed and destroyed!
These people have become from socialofascist to Stalinofascist ....
But WE will highlight!
L'Havrais Vérité - Havrais Truth is True does not support the lies!
Again, congratulations and thank you to the LAFAYETTE OUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

# OccupyPhilly

Gilbert Motier, Marquis de La Fayette (state Indexes: Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier), says "La Fayette", born 6 September 1757 in Saint-Georges-d'Aurac (province ofAuvergne , currently chavaniac-Lafayette in Haute-Loire ) and died on 20 May 1834 in Paris (former 1st district ) is an orientation aristocratic liberal , French officer and politician, who played a decisive role in the War of Independence United States and the emergence of a modern royal power before becoming a personality of the French Revolution until his emigration in 1792 and a major political player in the beginning of the July Monarchy .

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