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jeudi 12 décembre 2013

Nelson Mandela's unofficial apartheid against poor people in South Africa

blog Mediapart: Nelson Mandela's unofficial apartheid against poor people in South Africa

This article is a comment posted on Bloomberg under the text of Noah Feldman "Was Mandela Right to Sell Out Black South Africans?When the masters of the capitalist world gathered in South Africa to sing the praises of the saboteur of the South African revolution, it is essential that the fraud and impostors are exposed.
 Congratulations! The truth must be told!
 It is essential to explain why Mandela is praised by all the imperialist world leaders.
 Nelson Mandela has betrayed the poor people of South Africa. A baby that is born out of 20 in 2013 in this "martyr country" will die before reaching one year old. An infant mortality (4,2%) worse than in Eritrea (3,94%) (and Zimbabwe (2,73) !
Compare with Namibia (4.56%) and with Ghana (3.97%).
Nelson Mandela and his "collabos" vultures have put South Africa on the same level as Kenya (4.2%)!
A resident who is born will die before age 51. This is the current average in South Africa ! With high differences between "black" people and "white" people !!
According to the criteria, the unemployment rate is between 24% and 40%!
And AIDS has killed the son of Mandela without these people derive real lesson!
Meanwhile 20 million are wasted by Jacob Zuma for his crazy polygamist's villa .
While they kill miners of Marikana!
The alliance between ANC, Communist Party and COSATU union is leading the country to disaster.
These people are the ramparts of the predatory capitalists.
 Mandela had begun by getting financing a terrorist group by the false Communist leaders of stalinist USSR. Its aim was to carry out attacks aimed at deterring people to make a revolution.
Indeed, Mandela and the Communist Party of South Africa (the real leaders of the ANC) feared - like the plague - the real revolutions. Their obsession was to sabotage any possibility of mass revolutions as we have seen Tunisians and Egyptians did recently.
Since 1927, all Stalinist directions have sabotaged the revolutions of the people.
To do this, Mandela remained imprisoned for 27 years by the racist government. Continuing to advocate terrorism rather than encouraging people to form groups of 25 to designate revocable delegators Basis delegates choosed in building a government of the people.
This is when people he was about to make a real revolution that imperialists came ans find those who dreamt of becoming the "black bourgeoisie".
"By the 1980s South African businessmen were pressing the government to reach a settlement with the ANC. In 1985 Gavin Relly, chairman of Anglo-American, the giant mining corporation, flew to Lusaka in Zambia with a group of other leading businessmen to meet with the ANC. Their impressions of the ANC leadership were favourable. In the words of one of the businessmen, "A more attractive and genial group it would be hard to imagine" (p. 340). Sampson documents how the contacts continued. In 1986, the Rockefeller Foundation, David Astor and Shell set up the South African Advanced Education Project to prepare leading young ANC members for government and business and Gold Fields, the company founded by Cecil Rhodes, financed secret meetings between Afrikaner intellectuals and the ANC at the Compleat Angler Hotel at Henley in Oxfordshire (pp. 362-63). {QUOTE: Ann Talbot 1999}
Mandela and the ANC had won!
They would become the organizers of an informal apartheid. Instead of formal apartheid.
The so-called "reconciliation" would become CONSTRUCTION of a "MANDELA APARTHEID" organized by 10% of former victims to continue to discriminate 90% others !

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