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mardi 31 mars 2015

We shall give them the name of "Awonians" instead of "Indians" as their ignorant murderers call them

The European stratum of the Parasites
sent Christopher Colombus to
kill 95% of the Awonians
by Yanick Toutain
March 31, 2015

"Before the beginning of the new-making,
 (the Maker and Container of All, the All-father Father),
solely had being.
There was nothing else whatsoever
throughout the great space of the ages
save everywhere black darkness in it,
and everywhere void desolation."

In our analysis about the inhabitant of the continent stupidly called "America", we shall escape the vocabulary of genocidal invaders (and their word "Indians" or "Native Americans") using the name of "Awonawilona"

Awinalona the "(the Maker and Container of All, the All-father Father") 
" (The beginning of a Newness: A Zuni Creation Legend "Thirteen Annual Report of The Bureau of American Ethnology, 1895 in Élise Marienstras Indian resistance to the US)
We will replace the words "Indians or Native Americans" with "Awonians" (contraction Awonawiloniens)
If another word was needed, it substitute word would be substituted for the word "Awonian"

The Awonians are the descendants of Asian explorers who crossed the Bering Strait and being installed - and Pacific explorers.
Some among them are, after Viking explorations or after 1492, as the descendants of invaders - aggressive or explorers - came from the East Coast.

The status of Awonians - in reality and in the western-imperialist ideological consciousness is parasitized by the Smitho Marxist ideology.
The absurdity of the setting in the darkness of the ancestral stock of the alleged innovations and labor-value as the sole source of wealth gives the status of a feature Awonians totally undervalued.
The construction of a post-Marxist science, a real historical materialism, the construction of a scientific Humanology will oversee "Indian studies" in a conceptual corpus totally new.
Even proto-concepts and factual compilations snippets are already registered bulk materials for this construction.

TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014


They exterminated 95% of Awoniens (American Indians, children Awonawilona) by Julie Amadis


The Beginning of Newness
This Zuni story of creation was recorded by Frank Cushing, a white ethnologist who lived among the Zuni from 1879 to 1881. Cushing’s informants told the excerp ted narrative that follows in their native language, which Cushing understood and translated into English. Zuni were among the native southwestern people who were encountered by Coronado and other sixteenth-century Spanish explorers. They had contact with Catholic missionaries throughout much of their subsequent history. When this tale was recorded, about 1,700 surviving Zuni inhabited a single large pueblo in New Mexico. (Frank Hamilton Cushing, "Outlines of Zuni Creation Myths," Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 32 (1891-92) [1896]}

A Zuni Origin Narrative
Before the beginning of the new-making, Awonawilona (the Maker and Container of All, the All-father Father), solely had being. There was nothing else whatsoever throughout the great space of the ages save everywhere black darkness in it, and everywhere void desolation.
In the beginning of the new-made, Awonawilona conceived within himself and thought outward in space, whereby mists of increase, steams potent of growth, were evolved and uplifted. Thus, by means of his innate knowledge, the All-container made himself in person and form of the Sun whom we hold to be our father and who thus came to exist and appear. With his appearance came the brightening of the spaces with light, and with the brightening of the spaces the great mist-clouds were thickened together and fell, whereby was evolved water in water; yea, and the world-holding sea.
With his substance of flesh outdrawn from the surface of his person, the Sun-father formed the seed-stuff of twain worlds, impregnating therewith the great waters, and lo! in the heat of his light these waters of the sea grew green and scums rose upon them, waxing wide and weighty until, behold! they became the "Four-fold Containing Mother-earth," and the "All-covering Father-sky."
From the lying together of these twain upon the great world waters, so vitalizing, terrestrial life was conceived; whence began all beings of earth, men and the creatures, in the Four-fold womb of the World.
Thereupon the Earth-mother repulsed the Sky-father, growing big and sinking deep into the embrace of the waters below, thus separating from the Sky-father in the embrace of the waters above How," said they to one another, "shall our children, when brought forth, know one place from another, even by the white light of the Sun-father?"
Now like all the surpassing beings the Earth-mother and the Sky-father were changeable, even as smoke in the wind; transmutable at thought, manifesting themselves in any form at will, like as dancers may by mask-making.
Thus, as a man and woman, spake they, one to the other. "Behold!" said the Earth-mother as a great terraced bowl appeared at hand and within it water, "this is as upon me the homes of my tiny children shall be. On the rim of each world-country they wander in, terraced mountains shall stand, making in one region many, whereby country shall be known from country, and within each, place from place. Behold, again!" said she as she spat on the water and rapidly smote and stirred it with her fingers. Foam formed, gathering about the terraced rim, mounting higher and higher. "Yea," said she, "and from my bosom they shall draw nourishment, for in such as this shall they find the substance of life whence we were ourselves sustained, for see!" Then with her warm breath she blew across the terraces; white flecks of the foam broke away, and, floating over above the water, were shattered by the cold breath of the Sky-father attending, and forthwith shed downward abundantly fine mist and spray! "Even so, shall white clouds float up from the great waters at the borders of the world, and clustering about the mountain terraces of the horizons be borne aloft and abroad by the breaths of the surpassing of soul-beings, and of the children, and shall hardened and broken be by thy cold, shedding downward, in rain-spray, the water of life, even into the hollow places of my lap! For therein chiefly shall nestle our children mankind and creature-kind, for warmth in thy coldness."
Lo! even the trees on high mountains near the clouds and the Sky-father crouch low toward the Earth-mother for warmth and protection! Warm is the Earth-mother, cold the Sky-father, even as woman is the warm, man the cold being!
"Even so!" said the Sky-father; "Yet not alone shalt thou helpful be unto our children, for behold!" and he spread his hand abroad with the palm downward and into all the wrinkles and crevices thereof he set the semblance of shining yellow corn grains; in the dark of the early world-dawn they gleamed like sparks of fire, and moved as his hand was moved over the bowl, shining up from and also moving in the depths of the water therein. "See!" said he, pointing to the seven grains clasped by his thumb and four fingers, "by such shall our children be guided; for behold, when the Sun-father is not nigh, and thy terraces are as the dark itself (being all hidden therein), then shall our children be guided by lights – like to these lights of all the six regions turning round the midmost one–as in and around the midmost place, where these our children shall abide, lie all the other regions of space! Yea! and even as these grains gleam up from the water, so shall seed-grains like to them, yet numberless, spring up from thy bosom when touched by my waters, to nourish our children." Thus and in other ways many devised they for their offspring. Anon in the nethermost of the four cave-wombs of the world, the seed of men and the creatures took form and increased; even as within eggs in warm places worms speedily appear, which growing, presently burst their shells and become as may happen, birds, tadpoles or serpents, so did men and all creatures grow manifoldly and multiply in many kinds. . . . Everywhere were unfinished creatures, crawling like reptiles one over another in filth and black darkness, crowding thickly together and treading each other, one spitting on another or doing other indecency, insomuch that loud became their murmurings and lamentations, until many among them sought to escape, growing wiser and more manlike.
Then did the Sun-father take counsel within himself, and casting his glance downward espied, on the great waters, a Foam-cap near to the Earth-mother. With his beam he impregnated and with his heat incubated the Foam-cap, whereupon she gave birth to the Beloved Twain,... first the Beloved Preceder, then the Beloved Follower, Twin brothers of Light, yet Elder and Younger, the Right and the Left, like to question and answer in deciding and doing. To them the Sun-father imparted, still retaining, control-thought and his own knowledge-wisdom, even as to the offspring of wise parents their knowingness is imparted and as to his right hand and his left hand a skillful man gives craft freely surrendering not his knowledge. He gave them himself and their mother the Foam-cap, the great cloud-bow, and for arrows the thunderbolts of the four quarters.. . , and for the buckler the fog-making shield, which (spun of the floating clouds and spray and woven, as of the cotton we spin and weave) supports as on wind, yet hides (as a shadow hides) its bearer, defending also. And of men and all creatures he gave them the fathership and dominion, also as a man gives over the control of his work to the management of his hands. Well instructed of the Sun-father, they lifted the Sky-father with their great cloud-bow into the vault of the high zenith, that the earth might become warm and thus fitter for their children, men and creatures. Then.., they sped backward swiftly on their floating fogshield, westward to the Mountain of Generation. With their magic knives of the thunderbolt they spread open the uncleft depths of the mountain, and still on their cloud-shield – even as a spider in her web descendeth –so descended they unerringly, into the dark of the under-world. There they abode with men and the creatures, attending them, coming to know them, and becoming known of them as masters and fathers, thus seeking the ways for leading them forth.
What was the source of life? • What were the differences between Earth-mother and Sky-father? • Where did the moon and stars come from?
How were human beings created? • Where did they obtain their knowledge, and how did they provide for themselves?

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presentation of the documentation 
Native Americans explained who they were and how they came to be with stories, shaped and reshaped in countless tellings. Some of the stories told by North American tribes were heard by curious European settlers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Many others were written down by professional anthropologists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Those stories, polished and modified over the centuries, are as close as we will ever get to understanding what ancient Americans thought about their origins. The following stories from three North American tribes reveal more than views of the distant past: They also disclose a great deal about those who told them and those who listened to them.

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