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samedi 22 août 2015

2016 United States presidential election. 5 Tips to Brady C. Olson aka Deez Nuts

by Yanick Toutain

5 Tips to Brady C. Olson aka Deez Nuts

1. Your anti-democratic approach can be a worldwide founder act in favor of humanocracy. So you have to campaign for this other system: choosing "revocable delegates" instead of elected congressmen. (delegates revocable at any time)
2. You can get the support of 10 million people and thus become a revocable "international delegate". You must therefore proclaim that this is your goal.
3. To start, you need to make you designate as "basis delegate" and thus choose the 24 people closest to your program.
These 24 "basis delegators" will aim to become later the council of "national delegates" who will control you
4. When your 24 delegators have designated you as a "basis delegate", they will have to turn up one floor to become "basis delegates". Each will have to be a member of a coucil of 25 people. A council which will designate him as delegate.
5. This process of "25 for one" ("one for 25") will be applied recursively to construct a pyramid of 10 million people. This pyramid will have
1 "international delegate" controlled by
25 "national delegates"
625 "deputies delegates"
15625 "counselors delegates"
390625 "basis delegates"
10 millions of delegators

french SAMEDI 22 AOÛT 2015

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