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vendredi 21 août 2015

Greece: The left platform falls into Tsipras-the-traitor's trap (We need "All power to the revocable delegates" & "currency-revo" !)

by Yanick Toutain


Readers of Revactu were not surprised yesterday by the resignation of Alexis Tsipras - a stab in the back of the people given by a traitor collabo.
The leader of the Greek formoisie - these traitors spoliators graduates who spend more than $ 1,300 / month and want to perpetuate their theft - comes from working for the EU in preparing the division of the Greek resistance.
While he had to transform the "elected MP" into "deputies delegates" and the ministers into "national delegates", Tsipras-the-traitor dissolves parliament.
In doing so, Tsipras removes the premium of 50 deputies who gave him a majority in parliament with its allies.
So Tsipras's purpose is to break int two Syriza and making the left responsible of the defeat.


Traduction du message posté par Stathis Kouvelakis sur Facebook The Left Platform replies to Alexis TsiprasWith his speech announcing snap elections, Alexis Tsipras appeared with another face, completely and radically opposed to the hitherto commitments and struggles of SYRIZA.The first and foremost promise Tsipras Alexis was the compliance to the new third Memorandum of austerity and hard servitude for the country, a Memorandum which he agreed signing zithour asking the people or the members and cadres of SYRIZA members and executives of.The elections decided by Alexis Tsipras amount to a complete denial of the proud "NO" of the referendum. They are a gravestone of the struggles against the memorandum and anti-austerity expectations of the people. The goal of these express elections announced in the middle of the summer is to discard the anti-memorandum commitments SYRIZA but also to ask the Greek people to put a noose around their neck and to approve a new memorandum by voting in favour of Tsipras or for New Democracy or for PASOK or for To Potami, the parties constituting the new pro-austerity consensus.Faithful to the commitments of SYRIZA, consistent with the "NO" of the Greek people, the Left Platform raises high the banner of the struggle for an alternative to the crisis, for the productive and progressive reconstruction of the country.The Left Platform will contribute immediately to the creation of a broad, anti-memorandum, progressive, democratic front that will stand in the elections to fight for the cancellation of all Memoranda and for the writing-off of the major part of the debt. To defend the combative "NO" of the Greek people in the referendum of July 5. To end austerity in wages, pensions and social spending. To stop the selling-off of public property and of the assets of Greece. To orient the country on a new path of national independence, sovereignty, reconstruction and a new progressive course. "Thursday, August 20, 2015

The answer is revocable delegates urgently ......

Google Translate for the 2nd part


Grexit FRANCEXIT Varoufakis sees conspiracy to France but still does not scream "All power to the revocable delegates"

by Yanick Toutain

Yanis Varoufakis is often right in his analysis but does not go far enough in explaining the Greek situation that gave the Spanish newspaper El Pais last few days and RT recounted in French.


Against the SYRIZA MPs who betray it must be humanocratie revocable delegates.Comment on the site of William dry Etiévant Nat Left Front

by Yanick Toutain

Many enlightening tweets is a real government of the people would have made for one week have been published. Especially on the implementation of the humanocratie and a revo-subsituant currency to the euro in Greece as much as in France, in Spain and in all the liberated territories of slavery of bankoslavoisie.

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