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samedi 22 août 2015

Thalys "too busy elsewhere" The French police can't monitor Islamofascists terrorists

Hollande mourns the loss of one
 of the godfathers of jihad
by Yanick Toutain
August 22, 2015

The islamofascist Ayoub El Khazzani toured Europe, travelled towards Syria, came back to obtain weapons in Belgium, is about to commit a massacre in the Thalys, but the French police is too busy !  the French police has too much to do elsewhere:
Ahmed 8 years, Jean-François Chazerans, Julie Amadis, anti-spanking activists, FreeGbagbo activists occupy the long hours of the French police.
The priorities of the DGSE-DGSI are not their puppets terrorists, it is the anti-capitalist activists, anti-slavery activists, anti-bankoslavoisie militants, activists denouncing the "violence to children"
We understand that this may be of US tourists, British and even French that do the anti-terrorist resistance work.
Actually ..... terrorists are as Hillary Clinton admitted to Al Qaeda: US Congress and CIA creations, as confessed General Vincent Desportes on DAECH. To the question "What is the Dr. Frankenstein who created this monster?" He replied "it is the US"
 We therefore have no doubt about the name of those behind the terrorist Ayoub El Khazzani. His true employers are the same as those of Boubaker El-Hakim, Iyad Ag Ghaly or Wadoussène. Just see who finances and protects.

The French police can not monitor Islamofascists terrorists ......

The French police are too busy elsewhere ....

The French police are too busy with monitoring Ahmed 8 years .... little boy accused of advocating terrorism .... 8 years old .... and ..... which did nothing ....

The French police are to busy with monitoring Jean-François Chazerans and put in custody this philosophy professor who encouraged his students to have a critical look at the role of the French army in its former colonies ...... countries whose farmers have their salaries divided by 20 (by french banko-capitalist Bolloré and bankoslavoisie - slave banks ..... who pay $ 70 / m slaves .... ...)

The French police are too busy .... with monitoring and filing anti-spanking activists and even arresting them (last summer) by anti-crime brigade ..

The French police are too busy .. with monitoring and make forgery against anti-Franceàfric activists .... with illegal procedures organized by a forgery attorney (He is also aggressor of witness in Belgium and former adviser to the dictatorship of Togo)
The Islamofascists are the darlings of the French government .... According New York Times, Sarkozy & Hollande have paid them $ 58 million !

Iyad Ag Ghaly that triggered the attack on Mali in January 2012 (with drug traffickers MNLA) and killed 82 Malian military has received in October 2013, 20 million reward by François Hollande.


The pretext was the ..... hostages, "he had inherited" .....

But a terrorist leader MNLA admitted in January 2015 that they had attacked Mali at the request of ..... Nicolas Sarkozy ...

The French state likes terrorists ...... The Islamofascists are the puppets of the secret services .....


So these are US military aviators intercepting terrorists .... ..... by chance when they walk on leave returning from Afghanistan ...... ......

The country where the US protect the brother of the largest heroin trafficker in the world - Karzai!

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