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mardi 30 juin 2015

Death of a drug dealer Charles Pasqua 10 years after his accuser François-Xavier Verschave "I accused him of being the cause of the French-connection via the French drug trafficking in North America."

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TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015

Death of a drug dealer Charles Pasqua 10 years after his accuser François-Xavier Verschave "I accused him of being the cause of the French-connection via the French drug trafficking in North America."

François-Xavier Verschave, died June 29, 2005
a hero who died 10 years before the thug
Charles Pasqua he accused of drug trafficking
by Yanick Toutain
".... Dirty money in Africa, in games, casinos, paris, etc. 
all of which is sometimes linked to drug trafficking. 
Charles Pasqua attacked me for defamation on the book Françafrique. 
He asked me five million, he had a franc. 
I accused him of an impressive number of offenses. 
And he reproached me only one charge, on Sudan. 
I especially accuse him of being behind the French-connection, 
via the French drug trafficking in North America. 
Ricard including Charles Pasqua 
was the sales representative as a cover. "
(François Xavier Veschave)

10 YEARS AFTER 29 June 2005

The accomplice villain of all of Gaullism crimes died 10 years after the one he had dragged before the courts Franceàfric.
Died ten years later to the day!
It is to believe that the bad conscience was gnawing the liar, the murderer, the dealer, the accomplice of a health guilty of genocide in Africa more than 250 million child deaths.
All 29 June, the dealer françafrique Pasqua must have in mind the additional year of life he enjoyed. After FX Verschave died at 60 years old. June 29, 2005.
It is to him that we think today.
But even if this is the brave FX Vershave which had multiplied this information, we must pay tribute to the late newspaper "Now" was the first, in 1995-96, had revealed the dealer exploits the scoundrel Charles Pasqua.
"Another episode: in 1972, the daily New York" Newsday "published a series of articles entitled" The Heroin trails "A team of journalists began its investigation into the actions in Canada in the 60 Jean Venturi, local representative. Ricard firm whose immediate superior at the time was Charles Pasqua, director of sales for export.
After getting confirmation from the relevant police departments of the document of the US Bureau of Narcotics incriminating Jean Venturi in heroin trafficking to the United States, New York journalists arrive in Paris to go up this offshoot of the famous french connection. Their pickings are slim.
The opacity of the Ricard company did not establish their true nature and length of the bonds between Pasqua and Venturi.At least these were they linked by a hierarchical reality when the mare Venturi in 1967.
It has also not been established whether Pasqua - as family ties unite Canada - were also in this way, contact the Venturi.Meanwhile, research has been conducted on the heritage of the Pasqua family.
In 1994, during a search, the unexplained disappearance of the archives of "Newsday" for this survey was established.
In 1967, an international arrest warrant has been issued against Jean Venturi. He was never arrested. What became of him? What complicities he received for thus escape justice?
The name of Charles Pasqua would he figured time on the list of undesirable people in the United States? " (now archived)
Since then, the list has lengthened revelations: it is now commonplace to find that the French army in Indochina was the first drug collector or one of the richest men in France has built its fortune on a company whose aircraft were leased by the same colonial army to transport the drug.
"A note of the CIA dated 1961 accuses the representativeRicard in North America , Jean Venturi to be the distributor of the French Connection. He was not worried, but was asked to leave the territory of States UNite in 1967 7 . "(Wiki)
A cleaner Gaullist secret service assassin of former soldier in the French army, ex-Legionnaire in Indochina and Algeria, former OAS, former sentenced to death, ex-mercenary United Fruit in Central America, former SAC Gaullist Pasqua networks (recycled despite his death sentence as OAS) had even shown me that his superiors had sent - before 1954 - crossing the Chinese border to pick up a drug shipment.
Presumably the mafias who had provided were the anticommunist networks Kuomintang who were bent to rot China, even after the 1949 revolution.
This link comprador-fascist regimes Pasqua French-SAC army are an essential feature of Gaullism.
Sarkozy's France, Netherlands and the USA to
Bush and Obama are the protectors networks
Heroin trafficking Karzai in Afghanistan
The links between French political thuggery and the bandit M6 6 Mohamed who believes himself "king" in 2015 from Morocco or the brother of the head of Karzai Afghan drug networks are notorious.
The entire French political class is totally compromised with drug trafficking.
They have also soared in Afghanistan ...... with the arrival of US soldiers and French allies ....

That the death of this criminal bandit associated with all crimes of de Gaulle and his band of murderous slave is an opportunity to pay tribute to the valiant Francis Xavier Veschave 
All the translated story on French Revactu

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