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dimanche 4 avril 2010


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Yanick Toutain

09:19 02/12/2006

There is only three kinds of speeds
1° The true speeds, the objective speeds, the absolute speeds of our master Newton (The distance between two objective places in the vacuum divided by a duration
2° The D-speed. The instantaneous change of distance between two objects :
- a train and the railway station
- a comet and the Earth
- a photon and the Sun
- my hand and my foot
It is evident that these kind of "speed" is the difference between two true speeds, two objective speeds. (In French I have named D-speed = distesse)
3° The phi-speed (phi as the Greek letter in photon)
It is the frequently most used speed by the physicists specialized in astronomy, but it's the most stupid invention of the positivists against the materialists ... and against the true science.
That kind of speed is the difference of length of space traveled by two successive photons coming from an moving object in the direction of another moving object.
It is as stupid to name it "a speed" as to name "speed" the difference between the length of a travel of a soldier coming from Arcole to Paris subtracted to the length of the travel of an another messenger coming from Austerlitz to Paris. And that difference divided by the duration while we were waiting for the second one after the first. That calculation doesn't give you the speed of the army of Napoleon !
We need a scientific revolution; we must win against the positivists. They have killed the science during 101 years. 1905 has been the grave of the materialism (and the second death of Isaac Newton).
We must prove that objective (absolute) space exists.
We must find our objective speed, our absolute speed.
Newton was right and the swindlers of the orthodox "science" will appear as some old Ptolemos that didn't want the Earth to move. We know that the Earth is moving and we are sure that our objective speed is around, near the speed of 5000 kilometers by second (c / 60). The next five years will be the years of the most important discovery of the Humanity : our true speed in the vacuum, like a quick cosmic ship ! (We have only ONE ship !)
Jack London said : Yours for the Revolution !
(We must discover this speed before the Iron Heel !)
Yanick Toutain
09:19 02/12/2006

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