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dimanche 10 août 2014

France: A young teacher arrested in a cafe for a YouTube comment

A young teacher arrested in a cafe for a YouTube comment. She described how her Inspector of Education protected child molesters and how his OMERTA76 network required her to apologize for testifying violence on children aged 3 and 4 years in 2008, 6 years ago.

Arrested by police in a cafe because .... a comment on YouTube (A complaint of Patrick Deplanque OMERTA76)

The three policemen were BAC Havre
polite but threatening. By order of
Attorney Nachbar, they would have acted like
photo if Julie Amadis and the author of this
blog had not obeyed immediately
their requirements to follow without explanation
by Yanick Toutain

Yesterday Monday at 1710, the teacher Julie Amadis worked in chapter 6 of the book she started writing. She was sitting in a coffee bar Havre top of the range - the Weekend End- arise when she saw before her three men who demanded that she follow them.
She will teach one thirty later, sitting on the top floor of the police station, it is a single written comment on YouTube that will be the sole reason for this muscular arrest.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In France, when the powerful want your loss, just a comment YouTube and you are caught manu-military force by the National Police.

The only argument was "Article 78". The police did not use one other argument and claimed to know nothing of the reasons for arrest. 3 police officers explained that they would not tolerate any resistance. Julie and Amadis was thus forced - under threat of physical force - to keep three plainclothes police. Three anonymous members of the anti-crime brigade.
Led - the author of these lines had continued to other texts, blog posts - in a white unmarked car - at the police station, she will learn that there is a comment on Youtube that it is this process of arrest in public.
A simple comment filed by the teacher to explain to the public why the inspector who was a liar in 2008 organized a group of false accusations to make suspend (28 March 2014) and then casually discarded treatment two years (a disciplinary hearing on July 3)

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