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mercredi 17 septembre 2014

How revoking Barack Obama with a 66 words Constitution

by Yanick Toutain

Will you accept a world constitution of 66 words? (With delegates revocable at any time)"The laws are made by the delegates representing the People, delegates who are individually  revocable at any time by a council of 25 persons whose one member (delegator or delegate, if not replaced by another) stops its support to this delegate – all councils formed by 25 delegators, 25 basis delegates, 25 council delegates, 25 deputies delegates, 25 national delegates, 25 international delegates and world delegates"

In fact, nobody seems to have noticed that such a Constitution allows to permanently get rid of all the Constitutions (and the Constitutional Councils and Supreme Courts)
The aim is that the people can CONTROL AT ALL TIMES representatives.
For example:
Obama was chosen by 65907213 people.
Suppose these almost 66 million people retain the right to revoke Obama at any time.
According to the model above:
These 66 million people would have formed 2.64 million groups of 25 to designate 2.64 million basis delegates.
These delegates would have formed basis "105600 councils" to choose 105600 "council delegates."
Then ... 4224 deputies delegates and then 169 national delegates .
Themselves would have designated six international delegates.
Obama would have been one of them.
It would have been sufficient that Obama lost the support of its 25 national delegates who supported him to lose his status.

En fait , personne ne semble avoir remarqué qu'une telle Constitution permet de se débarrasser définitivement de toutes les Constitutions (ainsi que des Conseils constitutionnels et des Cours Suprèmes)
Le but c'est que le peuple puisse CONTRÔLER EN PERMANENCE ses représentants.
Par exemple :
Obama a été choisi par 65907213 personnes.
Supposons que ces presque 66 millions de personnes conservent le droit de révoquer Obama à tout moment.
Selon le modèle ci-dessus :
Ces 66 millions de personnes auraient formé 2,64 millions de groupes de 25 personnes pour désigner 2,64 millions de délégués de base.
Ces délégués de base auraient formé "105600 conseils" pour choisir 105600 "délégués de conseil".
Ensuite... 4224 délégués députés puis 169 délégués nationaux.
Eux-mêmes auraient désigné 6 délégués internationaux.
Obama aurait été l'un d'entre eux.
Il aurait suffi que Obama perde l'appui de ses 25 délégués nationaux qui le soutenait pour perdre son statut.

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