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jeudi 4 septembre 2014

Suggestions to Michael Bloomberg: learn to live with $ 1,300 / month and invest without profit $ 400 / month (a commentary on the NYTimes)

par Yanick Toutain

We must prepare the corrupted "Innovatings Great" - sick of consumerist pathology - which are also environmental offenders to adapt the world to come.
The liberal-egalitarist post-capitalist civilization needs them.
After their redemption criminals obviously.
Here is the comment I posted in the New York Times information in the article by journalist Andrew R. Sorkin

Michael Bloomberg to Return to Lead Bloomberg L.P.

Michael R. Bloomberg has decided to reassume the leadership of his business empire only eight months after ending his final term as mayor of New York.
Late Wednesday, Mr. Bloomberg told close confidants and senior executives of Bloomberg L.P., a financial data and media company, that Daniel L. Doctoroff, its chief executive and a longtime friend and lieutenant, would leave the company at the end of the year and that he would take over.
For years, Mr. Bloomberg had insisted that he had no intention of returning full time to the company he founded.
When he left politics, Mr. Bloomberg, 72, was expected to devote most of his time to giving away his $32.8 billion fortune. Those philanthropic efforts — on issues like gun control, immigration and public health — were supposed to take up much of his time and he would “most likely spend a few hours a day working from his new desk on the fifth floor,” at Bloomberg’s offices, according to a memo Mr. Doctoroff sent employees in January.

But in recent months, Mr. Bloomberg — who still owns 88 percent of the company — has become an increasing presenceat Bloomberg’s Lexington Avenue headquarters. Those “few hours” soon turned into six and seven hours a day with Mr. Bloomberg taking a hands-on role in meetings and strategy decisions. Mr. Doctoroff, 56, a former deputy mayor of New York and private equity executive, told Mr. Bloomberg about two weeks ago that he planned to resign, frustrated with how the leadership dynamic had shifted. Mr. Bloomberg urged him to stay and remain chief executive, but Mr. Doctoroff demurred.


Michael Bloomberg et sa compagne, Diana Taylor,
au gala
 Time 100 de 2006,
tel qu'on le voit dans le vidéoblog

If Michael Bloomberg decides to learn to live by eating only 1300 dollars a month, if he decides to train invest only $ 400 (without receiving either dividends or profit) (while trying to convince other Earthlings invest billions in projects that propose - as an innovation in high historical productivity) ... it will be perfect for society comes.
He will be adapted to the liberal-egalitarist civilization that will abolish capitalism and Riba.
He may even continue to continue to lead the company that bears his name.
Provided that citizens agree to invest all or part of their monthly 400 dollars in Bloomberg Co.
If he convinces his "employees", it could even be absolute dictator of it.
Stating that the $ 1,300 consumer thereof will be paid to what happens.
For my part, I will continue even quote the articles of its site.

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