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mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Objective Science : a definition (I just wrote it on Quora)

by Yanick Toutain

I take the precaution to keep copies of all I write on Quora "significant contributions".
I have indeed noticed changes in my writings, the disappearance of these and even "collapse" because of which no one can see what I wrote.
As Google is our radio London, I can keep a copy here (on Blogspot that belongs to Google and never censor me - even if the French pro-slavery rogue judges order them under threat of € 31,000 or even € 100,000).
And this copy will be accessible on the Internet by Google searches.

Objective Science

Objective science is the list of the concept internal to the universe. 
Objective science refuses the idea of Henri Poincaré : "The general laws of physics are free creations of the human mind"
Objective science refuses the idea of Ernst Mach :The General Laws of Physics Are Summaries of Observations Organized in Simple Forms'
Objective science 
Objective science is the heir of Puthagoras (only integer numbers describe nature)
It is the heir of Democritos, and Titus Lucretius Epicuros (only atomOs in a vacuum are the "building blocks" concept of the universe).
It is the heir of Isaac Newton (movements are absolute and therefore only the objective velocities (absolute speed) exist.
His epistemology is that of Lenin in his "materialism and empiriocriticism" based on that of Friedrich Engels (alizarin and science pre-exist to the humans before there was a single observer)

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