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mardi 16 septembre 2014

"You have deleted your answer." is written on Quora site ! It is a lie ! THEY erased my comments and lie ! Baptiste Fontaine French admin of Quora is possibly the liar !

Another censure !
Not only do they erase my answer for readers of Quora do not see it but they also lie by claiming that I would have done myself!

You have deleted your answer. You may edit and undelete your existing answer.

Thank you for the question SANDRAW WEAVER . 
But I would not answer your question as censorship against theses Isaac Newton will collapse, make disappear, distribute low importance etc ... my interventions. 
Quora collapsed my defense of Isaac Newton's thesis ! Positivist relativist fascism in science !
I'm fed of these repeated censures against the arguments of the anti-positivists real materialists!

Sandraw Weaver
Thank you anyway and i understand
Yanick Toutain
You can protest against the admin PRO-Einstein
I was preparing a long answer for you
I will publish it on my blog Revactu
Sandraw Weaver
Really? Okey i will do that i just need to figure out how to. I will visit your blog and thank you

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