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lundi 22 mars 2010

HOW TO KNOW OUR ABSOLUTE VELOCITY ? An extremely simple method to understand and to calculate our absolute speeds that are objective based teaching Isaac Newton.

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By Yanick Toutain 
22/03/2010 20:51

ABSTRACT: Simple method to calculate the absolute speeds of two bodies in motion.
SUMMARY: A simple method to calculate the absolute velocities of two bodies in motion 

Warning: Contrary to the lies and fabrications all common to many pages of books, websites, propaganda "faculty" of "clowns titled professors", there are simple ways to know our absolute velocity. 

Presentation: Let two bodies S and W. These two bodies are in motion. Everyone is able to determine the pseudo-velocity of the other, its apparent speed.Naturally, they follow and have no acceleration. This lack of acceleration is easily detectable by the absence of apparent local gravity. For both pseudo-apparent velocities, any method can be used. 
To include memory 
  • variation in diameter visible on both body (or two spheres of reference - the known diameter - placed on the body of another) 
  • calculating the redshift of the observed color of the body. 
  • use of light flashes emitted at regular intervals with and received approvals from different periods of times of issuance. 
  • Etc ... etc. ... 
Two astronauts will travel - for centuries to come - well able to determine their absolute velocities in this way a breeze. 
Or a single rocket that will launch a body front (or behind) it - a kind of "lifeboat" with the feature nodes sailors of old, a "boat" that, after initial stabilization and interruption of its acceleration will emit a signal towards the rocket and receive the signal emitted by the rocket.Color variations (redshift) as evidence of these redundant pseudo-velocities obtained. Therefore consider that the rocket is called "Walter".And it launched its rescue boat "Sam" backwards. The rocket will measure, for Sam, a pseudo-apparent velocity equal to m. 
We therefore 
m = apparent pseudo-speed for Sam Walter
Similarly, the lifeboat Sam, a pseudo-measured apparent speed of Walter. We will call l 
l = pseudo-apparent velocity for Sam Walter
It must, immediately noticed that 
m> l
If this was not the case, this would indicate that the rocket ... .. walked backwards! 
We'll just use two formulas that will give us the absolute velocities of the two bodies. In equation appear that both data and the speed of light. This is indicated by a letter "C" letter in cursive. 
W = C * (C * (m - l) + l * m) / (C * (m + l) - l * m)
We have calculated the absolute speed of Walter. 
This speed, which it was obtained by the measurement made from the rocket and the lifeboat is, nevertheless, an absolute speed, speed "in itself, a speed relative to the vacuum. Similarly, we can know the speed boat, speed Sam 
S = C * (C * (m - l) - l * m) / (C * (m + l) - l * m)

It is noteworthy that the second formula is different from the first by only one symbol: the sign "+" used in the numerator of the fraction to calculate the absolute speed of Walter became "-" to calculate the absolute speed of Sam . Note, also that 
Indeed, the absolute speed of the Walter rocket is larger than the absolute speed of Sam, the lifeboat. Indeed, this fact which allows to form this experience is more than just experience, which is a form of knowledge of reality. 
In fact, that when two bodies emit a signal - regardless of their respective departments - there will always (except rare trajectories perfectly parallel), one of two bodies which runs counter to signal each other and the the other body who flees the signal emitted by his colleague. Precisely because Walter fled the signal from Sam that the signal path from Sam will be increased by the length of the additional distance traveled by Walter. While this is the fact that Sam goes to meet the signal emitted by Walter reducing the length of the route of this signal by a distance equal to that Sam has traveled during the trip. 
The reason why the orthodox relativists have remained blind to such a calculation for a century is very simple to understand. These charlatans constantly confuse reality and perception of reality. Worse, they believe - as Lenin denounced already in the texts of Mach, Poincaré and others "clowns titled professors" - as "metaphysical" the existence of reality itself, the existence of the universe independently of our perceptions. The determination of Einstein's stupid to deny the existence of our absolute speeds without it has ever bothered to try to rationally contradict Newton from there. (There will, after reading this text, eager to go say that to go to a signal or running away would be meaningless; consequences. irrecoverable These are good for the final retreat! cohort are demarcated by Max Planck.) It is this relativism that their autism is called "speed" which is absolutely not do. When, after a time t, Walter receives a signal which has traveled - for a period q - a distance equal to c * q, the relativistic perform division c * q / t and call the result "speed" for Sam Walter . 
C * m = q / t
That's what we called "m" as a pseudo-velocity for Sam Walter. Similarly, the path length j carried by the signal from Walter towards Sam for us 
l = C * j / d
Is the pseudo-velocity for Sam Walter Sam Obtained by waiting for a period of the image of the flash emitted by Walter succeed him (see supplementary text) And the key of the two "magic" formulas given above, is found in the study materialistic reality. It is, in effect, the study of reality considering the absolute velocities, the velocities of the two objective body as the starting point which gave us these two spells. It is in effect from W and S that we calculated - conceptually - the values of m and l. 
m = C * (W - S) / (C - S)
l = C * (W - S) / (C + W)
We note here that the values of S and W appear in both equations as opposed to one another. S is used in a negative form as the signal goes in the direction of Sam, while Walter, who fled the signal sees the value of its absolute speed appear with a positive sign. "+" Readers who wish to have additional information on the early stages of detail found his answers in the other text (which is a remixed version of the old text "over objective science" filed on USENET in 2007)


LUNDI 22 MARS 2010



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